CPR Superhero™

CPR Superheros are everyday men and women with the power to save the life of another person. There are CPR Superheros in every city and every country, waiting day and night to put their knowledge and skills to use.

Joining their likes is simple – learn Hands Only CPR online or by visiting the CPR Superhero Response Vehicle at a community event. You can also get your skills certified by an instructor in a Heartsaver CPR AED training course.

Learn CPR

Master your skills as a CPR Superhero by attending a Heartsaver CPR AED course.

Request a Visit

Request a CPR Superhero Response Vehicle attend your next event for Hands-Only CPR Training!

What’s New:

Superhero Response Vehicle Delivered

Code One’s CPR Superhero Response Vehicle has been delivered to its new home at the Code One East Hartford Training Center.  This truck will be used for community CPR training, EMT training, and to transport equipment to off-site courses.  Our team is excited to have this new piece of equipment at our disposal to help our community be a safer place to live and work!

CPR Superhero Response Vehicle Online

Almost since the moment Code One Training Solutions was formed 10 years ago, we dreamed about having an ambulance for training, transport and community outreach. This month, that dream was achieved- x2 !

The two CPR SRVs are Ford E350 Type II Ambulances purchased from an EMS service outside of Pittsburgh, PA.  We drove both vehicles to our Charleston, SC center to be serviced by Hanahan Automotive, detailed by Palm Auto, and wrapped in our awesome design by Lowcountry Wraps.

Our first CPR Superhero Response Vehicle (SRV) is now on the road towards Code One‘s East Hartford Training Center!  On July 8, Owner / Director Richard Shok started the 877 mile trek north from Charleston to deliver it to the East Hartford, CT Training Center.  The East Hartford CPR SRV will have a number of purposes – to provide a simulation and skills practice vehicle for students in Code One’s EMT programs (it still is an ambulance on the inside), to provide operational support transporting equipment and instructors to off-site courses, and to serve the community as a hands-only CPR education vehicle at local health fairs and community events.

The Charleston CPR SRV is now going through the same process and is expected to be on the road mid-July.  Stay tuned!